Power Magnetics

Premier Magnetics specializes in the design and manufacture of leading-edge electromagnetic components. Power magnetics used in switch mode power supplies, linear power supplies and dc-dc converters are a major portion of the Premier Magnetics product portfolio. Switching power magnetics include: flyback transformers; isolation transformers; current sense transformers; EMI/RFI common mode suppression inductors and chokes and general purpose toroidal inductors.

IC-Specfic Solutions to Power Magnetics Challenges

Power magnetics are used in a constellation of real-world applications that are simply too numerous to list. In response to market needs, Premier Magnetics offers an array of standard products which we have designed to solve many of the power magnetics challenges commonly encountered by our customers.

To assist our customers, Premier Magnetics also provides power magnetics reference designs for specific applications utilizing PWM switching regulator ICs. Our experience and expertise comes from aligning with some of the leading semiconductor manufacturers, including Power Integrations, Maxim, and ON Semiconductor.

To help select an appropriate power magnetics solution, a list of standard IC-specific power magnetics reference designs follows. These reference designs provide proven, optimized power magnetics for use with specific IC part numbers and applications.

Note: If the solution to your specific challenge is not listed below, please contact us, as we are eager to design a solution that meets your precise application requirements.

DC to DC Conversion Transformers & General Application Notes: PMSM/TSD
Power Conversion Magnetics for Texas Instruments Fly-Buck Controller
Planar Transformers: PM-PT
Power Conversion Transformers for National and ON Semiconductor: TSD
Common Mode Power Lines Chokes: PM-PLC / LFV/LFH
High Current Flat Helix Inductors: PM-FH
Power Over Ethernet Transformers: PoE
Small 6 Windings Inductors and Transformers (1:1:1:1:1:1): PM-V
Power Conversion Magnetics for Infineon Technologies
Power Magnetics Product Family Features
  • Designed to support major semiconductor controller chips
  • Industry standard options and custom packages
  • Multiple configurations
  • Encapsulated or non-encapsulated packages
  • UL / CSA recognized transformers and filter components
  • Wide range of operating temperature options + extended temperature offerings
  • Optimized for reliability, performance, manufacturability, and cost-effectiveness
IC-Specific Reference Designs

Premier Magnetics offers reference designs of power magnetics in specific applications utilizing PWM switching regulator ICs from leading semiconductor manufacturers including Power Integrations, Maxim, and Micro Linear. These reference designs provide proven, optimized power magnetics for specific IC part numbers and applications.