Value-Added Offerings

Even with our extensive portfolio consisting of thousands of standard products, customers frequently approach us with their own, application-specific, and unique product performance requirements. In response to these inquiries, Premier Magnetics efficiently summons almost 30 years of experience providing World Class Design & Engineering expertise. Following our comprehensive process, we apply our experience toward solving each customer’s unique design & manufacturing challenges.

Custom Injected and Extrusion Molded Parts
More than a Magnetics Component Vendor

After years of providing extensive customer support from design to fabrication, today Premier Magnetics provides customers with two additional major services. These services include the Extrusion & Injection of Molded Plastics, and  Full Circuit Assembly.


The range of custom solutions and turn-key PCB assemblies we have developed spans our complete portfolio of transformers, inductors, chokes, DC-DC Converters, and RJ45 Connectors with integrated magnetics. Routinely, we provide complete PCB assemblies to >300 OEM customers world-wide that integrate both our own magnetics components, as well as components specified by our client’s BOM. As with all of our custom services, our customers continue to be delighted by our ability to design project solutions rapidly, and provide them with working prototypes that often are approved for production without ECOs, and shipped on schedule >98% of the time.

The combination of our line of standard products, with our ability to partner with you to design, manufacture and deliver the best custom magnetics solution for your unique application requirements, makes Premier Magnetics your best magnetics resource.

Extrusion Molded Plastics

Extrusion Molded Plastics specializes in the design and manufacture of leading-edge electromagnetic components. Power magnetics used in switch mode power supplies, linear power supplies and dc-dc converters are a major portion of the Premier Magnetics product portfolio. Switching power magnetics include: flyback transformers; isolation transformers; current sense transformers; EMI/RFI common mode suppression inductors and chokes and general purpose toroidal inductors.

Custom Capabilities

In addition to our standard product line that includes hundreds of UL and CSA recognized offerings, Full Circuit Assembly is a core capability that sets us apart from others in our field. Customers depend on Premier Magnetics’ World Class Design/Engineering expertise right down to the circuit level. This capability allows us to provide customized solutions for transformers, inductors, chokes, DC-DC Converters, and RJ45 Connectors with integrated magnetics, along with turn-key PCB assembly services. We support complete PCB assemblies that either integrate our magnetic components, or that utilize components from our clients’ bill of materials. Our experienced professional team makes the entire electronic assembly process simple and seamless by managing all aspects of your project process for you, including:

  • Box builds
  • Components and PCB procurement optimization
  • Prototyping
  • SMT and Through-hole designs
  • Electromechanical assembly, component and wiring assemblies, and wiring termination
  • Conformal coatings
  • Functional testing
  • Final packaging


Moulding Capabilities

We also provide top quality Precision & Injection Molded products as a value added service to our 400+ OEM customers world-wide. Our molding capabilities include:

  • Using injection molding presses that range from 40 to 2,400 tons
  • A standard tolerance of +/- .005″ with even tighter tolerances available
  • Molding parts ranging from under a gram to 8 lbs
  • Both short and long production runs
  • Precision molding of miniature as well as large components


Value Added Operations

  • Assembly
  • Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Painting
  • Silk screening
  • Tap and screw instertion
  • Spring insertion
  • Part machining
  • Sub and full assemblies