Filter Components
EMI/RFI Common Mode Filters

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) reduce both the fidelity and reliable transmission of electronic circuit data. To protect circuits from EMI/RFI, Premier Magnetics manufactures an extensive selection of transformers, inductors, and data connectors. These devices are specifically designed either to block EMI/RFI or include common mode filters to protect the fidelity of electronic data transmission.

Product Families Providing EMI / RFI Common Mode Capability
  • Common Mode Chokes
  • EMI suppression inductors
  • Isolation transformers
  • RJ-45 data connectors
EMI/RFI Common Mode Filters by Family

To help you select the device for your specific application, our product line is segmented into the following categories:

EMI / RFI Common Mode Filter Features
  • Line filter for AC EMI
  • High current rating
  • High isolation
  • Wide operating temperature range
Common Mode Chokes for Power Lines

Our common mode chokes operate as exceptional AC line filters that block interference in data transmissions. Although there are many applications for a common mode choke, the most traditional include:

Common Mode Power Lines Chokes: PM-PLC
High Current Flat Helix Inductors: PM-FH
Current Sense Transformers and Inductors: PM-CS/PM-CI
Drum Inductors: PM-R
Small 6 Windings Inductors and Transformers (1:1:1:1:1:1): PM-V
PM-SI SMT Power Inductors
Power Line Chokes
PM-DSxxxx Dual Winding Shield Core
Small 6 WDGS Inductors & Transformers
PM-HC SMD High Current Inductor
PM-TI High Current Toroid Inductors
Common Mode Choke Product Family Features

Premier Magnetics offers a variety of power line common mode chokes in both vertical and horizontal orientations. All our offerings have a rated voltage of 250VAC or 50/60Hz and the following qualities:

  • Comply with RoHS Solder Reflow requirements at 260°C.
  • Turn a 1:1 Ratio
  • High Resonance Frequency


We offer many types of chokes that can handle storage temperatures of -250°C to greater than 125°C. Our expert staff can provide details on all our products and help you decide on the optimal choice to meet your needs

Note: If the solution to your specific challenge is not listed below, please contact us, as we are eager to design a custom solution that meets your precise application requirements.

A Note About Quality

All of our products are manufactured using the best available materials, so the quality is second to none. A top-rated common mode choke is essential for achieving a clear and reliable transmission. Our extensive inventory allows us to offer solutions to a wide variety of customer dilemmas. We pride ourselves in our short cycle times that allow us to process customer requests immediately and have an order shipped quickly.

With manufacturing facilities located in California, Taiwan, Myanmar, and China, and distribution centers all over the world we guarantee a high level of inventory and short order lead times.

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