LED Transformers & Inductors Old

Premier Magnetics designs and manufactures LED transformers that are used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial lighting applications. Each LED transformer strictly adheres to the UL/IEC 60950 Safety Standards and the UL/CSA/IEC Class B insulation. Along with LED transformers, Premier Magnetics also offers LED drivers and transformers for a complete system.

Premier Magnetics Inc. Series

Our line of lighting application transformers and inductors are built specifically for use with the Power Integrations LNK series and the LYT series of driver controllers. These are top-of-the-line LED transformers that can be implemented for many applications.

PNK Series

Premier Magnetics, Inc. also sells PNK transformers and inductors. These are designed for Power Integrations’ LNK series of driver controllers. When used together, these products allow for high efficiency and a high power factor (greater than 90% for both), providing a reliable current output. For the most efficient constant current output, the PNK series is the way to go.

POL-LYTxxx Series

The POL-LYTxxx series of transformers and inductors sold by Premier Magnetics, Inc. is meant to be used with the Power Integrations’ LYT series of driver controllers. Like the PNK Series, these products offer greater than 90% high efficiency and a continual LED drive performance. This is often used in place of the PNK series for a lower cost option.

Contact Premier Magnetics, Inc. for all of your LED transformer or inductor needs. We supply only the best products, and our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions and support any need. You can reach a local representative at 949.452.0511.