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Data Bus Transformers

Data Bus TransformersPremier Magnetics services the military, commercial, technological, communications, power, networking, and government industries, among others. Our data bus transformers are built for optimum performance in these and many other applications. Each data bus transformer is designed specifically to meet the Mil-Std-1553 and Mil-Perf-21028 requirements.



To ensure quality performance, our data bus transformers all meet the following specifications:

  • Common-mode rejection (CMR) rate of greater than 45dB
  • Droop of less than 20%
  • High input impedance (3,000Ohm to 7,200Ohm)
  • � 1 V maximum overshoot and rigging
  • 2 �s pulse width

Our low profile single and dual data bus transformers are built to last. They have an impedance test frequencies from 75KHz to 1MHz and can be specially created for any application.

Company Qualities

Premier Magnetics is proud to serve our customers around the world. We offer top quality products at competitive prices with unbeatable delivery times. We also provide free samples to our customers so you can decide what will work the best to meet the needs of your project. We are a leader in avionics, fly-by-wire, and guidance system manufacturing. Although we are capable of large orders, we also offer the smallest industry package sizes because we understand that not all jobs are the same.

With distribution facilities around the world, Premier Magnetics can meet tight delivery schedules. Our team is comprised of experts in the industry and can help you find the right solution to fit your project.

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